Core Values

Diverse City operates with a dedication to the company’s  Core Values:


High Quality Service Delivery

Diversity and inclusion is taught in training. It is practiced in the creation of policies, procedures, and through actions. In order to maintain consistency there is a need for long standing implementation and assessment. We will work with your company to create accountability in your structure.

Client Empowerment

Our clients are the reason we are in business. We work in partnership with our clients to assess and meet their needs. We want your workplace to feel safe and inclusive of everyone. We give our clients the solutions they need in order to produce quality work and happy employees.

Influence Positive Change

Change is constant, sometimes difficult, and scary. We work to make it a positive experience for all of the parties involved in the process. We do this through our research and assessment process. We believe that first you have to know where the problem area(s) exist and then address them accordingly.

Equitable Work Practices

We craft our solutions based strictly on your companies needs. The purpose of creating a long term, healthy relationship with our clients is to build trust and accountability. We want to not only develop solutions but also help you to make sure they are implemented equitably.

Lifelong Learning 

We want the learning process to be collaborative. We learn just as much about our clients as they learn from us during this partnership. Through our learning we create a safe and equitable workplace.

Respect of Differences

We respect that we all come from different lived experiences. We view these experiences as cultural wealth. We understand that we are made up of these experiences and we use this lens to embrace those differences.

Infinite Advocacy

We are lifelong advocates. The goal is to promote positive change. We understand that in order to change processes we have to respectfully challenge them. We believe that in order for change to begin, it initially begins with the self and then transfers to the systems we have built.

Appreciation for Life

Addressing diversity and inclusion can be difficult and our goal is to make this process enjoyable for companies. We are very intentional about building a healthy workplace.