D& I Engagement Series

Diversity and Inclusion Community Engagement Series

We are excited to announce that our Diversity and Inclusion Community Engagement series has commenced. Our first event was held June 22, 2017 from 5:30pm-8pm, and sponsored by Uber Seattle.  The success of the D&I Community Engagement series allows subject matter experts of D&I to bring their experiences whether in technology or diversity and inclusion or both to help us challenge companies in their efforts to engage and practice diversity and inclusion.

Event Format: Table Captains are picked to lead the following topics (also customized for your company’s needs.) An example of topics that we assign to captains are as follows:

  1. Culture Fit
  2. Women in Tech
  3. Women in Tech: (Leadership Challenges)
  4. Recruitment and Pipeline
  5. Corporate Accountability in Diversity
  6. White Privilege in the Workplace
  7. Diversity and Inclusion (Political Navigation)
  8. Building Powerful and Influential ERGs

If your company is interested in sponsoring or would like to host an event please contact our team by filling out the form below.