Our approach.

Our Approach

We provide a solutions oriented approach to helping companies assess, and solve issues of growth and development in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We strive to create long term sustainable diversity, inclusion, and equity practices within companies.

We offer the development and implementation of long term high quality DEI strategies, policies, and practices. Our services are a true alternative to the one training approach that leaves companies with information and no implementation. We strive for advocacy and change through our services, and continue to develop and foster relationships through building sustainable foundations of diversity and inclusion. We work to make diversity embedded in company structures, functional roles and teams, and not a separate entity.

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Our services.


We collect, analyze, and review qualitative and quantitative data to create solutions for diversity, equity, and inclusion in your company.

Training and Facilitation

We train across a number of topics and customize every training to fit your company’s needs.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

We work side by side with your team through strategic planning meetings and vision boarding to create diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, objectives, and outcomes.

Benchmarking Systems

Through the use of software applications and platforms we help companies create benchmarks to measure and compare their progress.

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What our clients say about us.

I highly recommend Diverse City LLC as a consultancy to help any company figure out what actions they need to take to build their diversity and inclusion strategy. I also highly recommend Dr. Ingram as an excellent facilitator, counsel, and trainer when it comes to bias and diversity training and coaching.

Cynthia Tee, Executive Director of Ada Developers Academy

Dr. Ingram has one of the most dynamic and brilliant minds in the field of diversity and inclusion. Her ability to assess, train, and redesign programs with an inclusive and equitable lens is innovative and inspiring. The work she is accomplishing within Diverse City is needed now more than ever and is changing our systems with … Continue reading Dr. Lisa Chin, President/CEO at Boys and Girls Clubs of King County

Dr. Lisa Chin, President/CEO at Boys and Girls Clubs of King County

I was particularly impressed by Cheryl’s ability to guide participants through difficult, deeply personal, and uncomfortable topics in a way that enhanced their analysis without making anyone feel called out or disengaged. I would recommend Diverse City to any organization regardless of whether they are just beginning to get intentional about inclusion or already on … Continue reading David Almeida, Co Founder of Unloop

David Almeida, Co Founder of Unloop

Dr. Ingram’s material was invigorating and energized  professionals to implement what they learned in their  workplace. Dr. Ingram’s material was embraced and I will continue to contract with her to provide additional services to staff and professionals within my community.

Monique Lopez, Director of Programs, Families and Youth Incorporated

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