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Diverse City LLC and Conscience have announced an official partnership built on expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion within companies and educational institutions.

Conscience, owned by CEO and Founder Jermey Edmonson is working to build diversity, equity, and inclusion by practicing culturally responsive teaching through dance. Edmonson is a Seattle native who now resides in Las Cruces, NM where his company is based. Conscience’s mission is “to eliminate discrimination and oppression through dance curriculum for marginalized and oppressed identities.” This is very similar to Diverse City’s mission, “to eliminate discrimination and oppression in every institution.” Diverse City LLC is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm that recently expanded from Seattle and opened a new location in Los Angeles.

Edmonson stated, “Before creating Conscience I noticed that minorities did not feel as though they had a safe space to create or speak on cultural and social issues. As an educator I recognized it is our responsibility to provide those opportunities for learners. In order to help learners feel safe educators should develop skills in culturally responsive teaching. Knowing that.

conscience deals with the individual I realized that some may be unaware of their unconscious biases. Partnering with Diverse City was key to help us unlock our strategic approach to address the unconscious biases we experience in the dance community. There are so many different areas that need this type of work including the healing processes that dance provides, that we are happy to be a part of such a movement.

“When I created Diverse City, I did it with the goal of eliminating discrimination and oppression in every workplace and educational institution. As we’ve grown in this work and space we have recognized how important the concept of healing is to our work. Conscience brings a powerful practice that will help us to work on healing practices for people who have been traumatized by discrimination and oppression. To have a sister company like Conscience on board to continue fulfilling that mission is near and dear to my heart and our missions. I couldn’t be happier about the partnership and where we are headed together,” said Cheryl Ingram, the CEO and Founder of Diverse City LLC.

Ingram and Edmonson both met while attending NMSU and have been friends ever since. The two have both been working on diversity, equity, and inclusion in different areas for many years.

Ingram states, “ we are here to make the world more inclusive by accepting, acknowledging, and sharing our differences in order to make the world a more equitable place, the more partners we have and the more lives we touch, the more that becomes a reality.”

Beginning in January of 2019, Diverse City LLC will officially be offering packages that promote the services of Conscience.


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