DC-Uber-0165-2Diverse City offers a number of services that are different from other diversity and inclusion consulting firms through our long-term assessment goals. Our model exceeds the one-two training model offered by other companies. We believe that those practices are short-term and ineffective. Our goal is to create long term relationships that assess the implementation and sustainability of diversity and inclusion in company policies and practices. The model of our work is summarized below:


Equity Assessments: Our company will begin the partnership by assessing your company’s areas of need. This process involves any stakeholders who have initiated the relationship and management at every level. We will conduct surveys, focus groups, etc of employees to gauge where the areas of improvement exists in your company. We estimate this process can take anywhere from 1 week – 3 months. This process will involve all of the employees in the company who are willing to participate.

Data Analysis: Our company will analyze all the data collected and produce a report for your leadership. We will recommend an approach and strategy along with deliverables to improve the current state of the workplace.We estimate this process can happen in less than a week or a month to complete.

DC-Uber-3435Designing Your Company’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy: Our company will work with leadership to create and implement metrics for assessment of implementation, lead the facilitation of training/workshops, diversity coaching, professional development plans, and policy creation.

Implementation and Post Assessment: We will also establish a timeline and process of continual assessment. This process can take up to a year to complete.  Remember change in diversity and inclusion can take time, it does not and will not happen overnight.

Consultation: We encourage all potential clients to begin with a consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to provide an understanding of why there is a need for our services between our companies and clients. This process is comparable to an initial interview.

Diverse City’s Learning Series: Diverse City offers a series of workshops that build upon creating self-awareness, data analysis, practical implementation, and developing continual consciousness.  The series includes multiple levels ranging from 3-6 workshops per series. These series focus on addressing topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Diversity and Inclusion 101
    • Part 1: Defining Diversity and Inclusion
    • Part 2: Diversity Talk-Learning the Language
  • Implicit Bias
  • Respecting Layers of Identity
  • Identifying and Naming Multiple Layers of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Recognizing and Addressing Cross Cultural Conflict
  • Institutionalized Racism (Sexism, Ableism, etc.)
  • Data Analysis: Identifying Demographic Trends
  • Identifying Microaggressions and Macroaggressions

Coaching: Diverse City offers individual coaching sessions for employees at every level (Coordinators, Directors, Senior Leadership etc.). We recognize that diversity and inclusion is not always comfortable to discuss in large settings. We are dedicated to supporting all levels of comfort whether in large or small settings.