Our company is dedicated to partnering with companies to improve diversity and inclusion. Here are a few testimonials from some of our wonderful and dedicated partners!


Cynthia Tee, Executive Director of Ada Developers Academy

“Ada Developers Academy is a training program for women and non-binary people in software development. Dr. Cheryl Ingram worked with us to evaluate our program for areas of improvement when it comes to under-represented minorities and diversity, helping us come up with a strategy to build stronger inclusion. Dr. Ingram met with staff, students, and also did self-advocacy training for us. She did an amazing job being thorough and complete about her analysis, as well as recommending very concrete, actionable short and long-term actions for our diversity strategy. We are looking forward to working with Dr. Ingram on implementing these actions. I highly recommend Diverse City LLC as a consultancy to help any company figure out what actions they need to take to build their inclusion & diversity strategy. I also highly recommend Dr. Ingram as an excellent facilitator, counsel, and trainer when it comes to bias and diversity training and coaching.”


Dr. Lisa Chin,  President/CEO at Boys and Girls Clubs of King County

“Dr. Ingram has one of the most dynamic and brilliant minds in the field of diversity and inclusion. Her ability to assess, train, and redesign programs with an inclusive and equitable lens is innovative and inspiring. Her work is dedicated to supporting companies, their clients, and improving the quality of life for every stakeholder involved in the process of creating a sustainable diverse environment. During the time we worked together, I watched her create assessments that captured diverse demographics and find incredible solutions that would improve our systems and help our company to serve populations more effectively and equitably. The work she is accomplishing within Diverse City is needed now more than ever and is changing our systems with passion, expertise, and thoughtfulness. I would recommend her services to any company looking to improve their diversity and inclusion strategy.”


David Almeida, Co Founder of Unloop

“Cheryl is one of the most effective facilitators I have worked with!  We brought her in to run a training on implicit biases and the school to prison pipeline for volunteers going to teach computer programming in prison.  She did an excellent job of engaging the room, and her activities and content were clear and illuminating.  I was particularly impressed by her ability to guide participants through difficult, deeply personal, and sometimes uncomfortable topics in a way that enhanced their analysis without making anyone feel called out or disengaged. I would recommend Cheryl to any organization or group regardless of whether they are just beginning to get intentional about inclusion or already on their way.”


Monique Lopez, Director of Programs, Families and Youth Incorporated

“I am currently the director at my local nonprofit organization Families and Youth, Inc. In this role I am continuously looking for training’s that are going to provide the latest material in my field. I am a fellow alumni of Dr. Ingram and when I became aware that she specialized in providing cultural diversity training I jumped on the opportunity. Dr. Ingram traveled to Las Cruces, NM and provided a cultural diversity training to professionals in the juvenile justice division, child welfare division, as well as professionals from the district attorneys office. During this two day training Dr. Ingram provided hands on activities, group discussions, and critical thinking activities that allow staff to put their wants into action. There are times staff attend trainings and leave without being inspired to take what they’ve learned to their workplace. Feedback from individuals who attended was the exact opposite. Dr. Ingram’s material was invigorating and energized  professionals to implement what they learned in their  workplace. Dr. Ingram’s material was embraced and I will continue to contract with her to provide additional services to staff and professionals within my community.”