Company Profile

Diverse City LLC (DC) is a Minority Women’s Business Enterprise Certified diversity,¬†inclusion, ¬†and equity consulting firm specializing in diversity and equity assessments, training, coaching, and consulting. Diverse City offers its clients a solutions oriented approach to helping companies assess, and solve issues of growth and development in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Diverse City provides more balanced high quality service delivery than its competitors. We strive to create long term sustainable diversity, inclusion, and equity practices within companies.

Diverse City offers the development and implementation of long term high quality, diversity, inclusion, and equity strategies, policies, and practices. Our services are a true alternative to the one training approach that leaves companies with information and no implementation. We strive for advocacy and change through our services, and continue to develop and foster relationships through building sustainable foundations of diversity and inclusion. We work to make diversity embedded in company structures, functional roles and teams, and not a separate entity.

Our Clients